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30lt Active 8 Garden compost


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Organic Active 8 is a well-balanced soil improver and planting mix designed for the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss. Organic Active 8 contains over 8 active ingredients helping to improve your soil and also feed your plants. This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields. The ingredients include a rich blend of organic compost, composted chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite, trace elements and humates. All these ingredients combine to create a balanced nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular growth.

Active8 30L can be used on all types of garden beds, but is specifically designed for preparing vegetable gardens. Active 8 can also be used as a planting mix for other trees and shrubs.

Organic Active 8 can be used in many ways. The fully composted enriched formula can be added into raised garden beds and planter boxes or mixed in to your current garden bed soil. It is designed to save time and money and guaranteed to produce excellent results straight out of the bag.

Organic Active 8 complies with the Australian Soil Standard 4454 for gardening and landscape use. This standard is only awarded to products, which have undergone tests, and completely satisfy the guidelines set by SAI Global.

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