Detailed Plans?




struggling to design the project, don’t want to waste money time and time again on the incorrect plant selection?

We have a detailed design service, incorporating onsite consultations and a detailed CAD drawings, plant schedules and reports

this personalised service will inspire you to develop the right garden for your lifestyle, weather it be modern, tropical formal, native rural…  we have a detailed understanding of what is required to make your project succeed and thrive.

We will instruct you on what will grow in your location, We wont recommend planting things i know have a limited success rate. We wont design gardens that i can t put my name too……


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We can design projects on a budget, small or large, courtyard or rural escape

and you can have the detailed drawing required to DA standards for most councils and body corporates



Whats involved?

Firstly…..    a plan of your property helps. either a PDF, JPeg or CAD file is best as this will decrease the time it takes us to import all the correct dimensions

Second….   on site visit, we need to see neighbours, fences, outdoor areas, indoor areas, carparks, offices, in general we need to see all the important factors that are simply to hard to describe

Thirdly…..  discussions, we are not going to live, work or maintain your property, hence its probably a really great idea that we get substantial feedback as to WHAT YOU WANT…   its kind of important……

Forth…..     Heads down for us, we take this information back to the office and start fire up the computers


Finally we need to go over the design with you, its best done at the nursery so we can show you some of the key design features and plant selections. Once we are done we can email over PDF files for you, or we can organise printed versions.






$799 for a standard residential property, why so much you ask?

normally our initial on site consultaion takes 1-2hours plus travel, most residential houses take around 3-4 design work, the computers and the cad programs cost thousands every year, and our final meeting is normally around a hour.

Along with our 20+ years experience its a detailed and expensive process for us, its not something to be rushed or skimped.

so you have a much larger project? Thats fine…. we can help there as well

Large rural properties need on average only a few move hours of design work, and if you can get me a detailed electronic file to start, that decreases my time required as well


Sample Plan, Please click here

Sample Plan, Please click here

Sample Plan, Please click here



Commercial properties where DA’s are required are normally smaller in design but larger in content to meet council requirements, so the designed gardens might be smaller and simpler but the species selections, endemic understanding, and planting diagrams will be more detailed.

If you have any doubt in what the charges might include… call me. We can discuss, and I’m open and honest in what I’m going to charge and why. But the end design will help you save money on plants, and can help you save money on maintenance and installation as well.




Sounds like something your interested in?


Email or ph (07) 5543 8848