37 Boomerang Road Tamborine QLD 4207 | Phone - 07 5543 8848


Why buy from Canopy Wholesale Nursery?

We are a physical nursery, we have an address, we have a phone number, we have opening hours
We sell “normal” industry standard pots at wholesale prices
We uses “normal” industry standard delivery company’s and practices
We don’t sell tubes at potted prices
We show you photos of the crop your buying from, we show you photos indicating an average of what you should expect
We are happy for you to come out and pick up
We are happy for you to come and pick your own plants
We have industry experience, industry credentials, industry recognition.
We don’t hide behind a website, we are here to help and hope you find our information helpful

Who is Canopy?

Canopy is the dream of Ryan and Bethany Eaton.  Canopy Wholesale Nursery  is a beautiful multi award winning nursery in southeast Queensland,

We are member of the nursery and garden industry and pride our selves on our range and our quality, we may not be the biggest wholesale nursery but we are dedicated passionate and are proud of our achievements. We grow our stock in commercial numbers and we have over 20 acres under production .

What type of payment methods can i use?

We have a secure paypal account, so you can make payment with your Visa / master card or directly through your paypal account

You can make a direct deposit into our account, just follow the instructions in the checkout, a order will be forwarded through to your email address so you know the exact amount. Once the funds have reached our account we will contact you and pick the order.

You can pay by cheque, just follow the details in the checkout, a email will be forwarded to you with our details, once we receive the cheque, bank the cheque and the funds have cleared then we will pick your order and contact you. This method is the slowest way to receive your plants, sorry.

I am not sure about purchasing plants online?

That’s fine

We understand, I like to see what plants I am buying too.

First thing first, our hours of operation. We try our best to be open through these hours, stuff does happen so call us on (07) 5543 8848 to make sure someone is here help

Second, like us on Facebook, I try to keep any known closed days updated. Remember we often do trade days, conferences and courses, we will remind you of these on facebook first. Easy peasy

Third, when you arrive, we may be busy, there is not a tribe of staff here to drag you around, that’s why our prices are so cheap. So be prepared let us know your here to grab a trolley and help yourself. We will get to you as soon as we can, we will then give you as much help as you need.
But if you only need 10 200mm Lilly Pillys just grab them, give us a yell, we can swipe your card, load up, out you go. Quick and easy.
If you just want to have a look, that’s great, we will just continue packing orders or doing our jobs, we won’t bother you, if you need our help again, yell out, we will be there.

I dont know what i want?

If you don’t know what you want,or what they are or what they do. That’s cool too, just call me or email me and we can arrange a time to chat and work out what you need, I can show you what I have done, how stuff grows, ease your mind a little, again just make an appointment.

I have made a few fact sheets to help a little, I hope they help, if there is anything else you want let me know, I will see what I can do, always happy to help

We want something you haven’t listed?

That’s fine too, we source stock all the time, call us and we can discuss you needs (07) 5543 8848