We have found that it is really REALLY difficult to offer competitive freight over the Internet via a freight company, it’s fine if you have a bolt or a box but we have plants that don’t all have the same shape or the same needs.


The hardest thing is trying to fit plants of varying heights into a rigid pricing structure. It just makes the websites to difficult to run and maintain hence we do our own deliveries, we have a specailist vehicle and trailer which we use and when the order gets larger we have a specialist transport company we can sub contract out to.

The find our transport and our preferred contractor the cheapest way to ship your plants, we do need some notice, we try to organize multiple orders to be delivered at one time. This keeps your freight low

If we can’t arrange multiple orders, don’t fret, we delivery anyway

We try to delivery the following week after you place your order, but we ring you to let you know what’s going on. Common curtsey does still exist. If we can do it earlier, we will.

If its urgent, let us know. We can put it on our carrier it may just cost a little more.

We are happy for you to pick up, come and look, choose your own plants